About us

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History of ADA

ADA Tuition and Enrichment Hub has been established since 2013. Residing in a neighborhood nestled with Primary and Secondary schools, we have helped countless children move on to their next phase in life with pride.

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3T Pedagogy



We will spend the first 15-30 minutes explaining the topic in details to level up our students’ understanding.



The next 30-45 minutes will be trying the questions in a consultative environment. 

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A short quiz will be given to test the absorption level and the application capability of our students. Reward points and tokens will be given to motivate our students to try their best in answering the questions.

Our Values

We believe that every child needs a safe and encouraging environment to develop their innate abilities to their fullest potential. Every child is special so we are patient with our approach to let them feel comfortable to express themselves, release their frustrations and seek guidances in any problems they may face.

Students who have undergone coaching at ADA have become more resilient, persistent and consistent in their learning. Therefore our students have gone on to achieve consistent favourable results even after they have graduated.


Not every child is academically-inclined and we know that all too well. However, achieving a reasonable set of results is still pertinent.

Therefore, through our P.E.I framework, our students have gone on to firmly believe that through working hard, good grades will be bestowed upon them one day.

Our trust in our students have led them to cultivate self-belief which is essentially critical when it comes to overcoming poor results and leap onto the podium.

Tailored learning

We offer specialised 1-to-1 sessions* to help weak students catch up with their studies. Through the 1-to-1 approach, our students have gained confidence, knowledge, answering techniques and most importantly, build up the most treasured attribute of consistent learning.

Our Team



Winston has more than 10 years of teaching experiences under his belt. Having taught students since his University days, he decided to start up ADA Tuition and Enrichment Hub in 2013 coach students in their holistic education. He gives them confidence to own their past failures and thereafter, garner enough courage to attempt and overcome the challenges again. He is proud to say that many students have seen great improvements in their results and developed the resilience to persevere through their darkest days

“Do not prepare the road for your child. Prepare your child for the road“


Mahane has 10 years of teaching experience. Having engineering background in tandem with her passion for teaching, she brings along real life application of Mathematics and Science in her lessons. Guiding her students to achieve their best academic potentials as well as improvement in character development are her two major propellers towards moulding a growth mindset in students.

“Making a difference one word at a time, one concept at a time.”