1. Attendance

2 RP will be awarded for being
punctual for the lesson.
No points will be awarded for
attending class later than 5 minutes

2. Homework Completion

Up to 10 RP will be awarded for completed homework that fulfills th requirements.(For students doing Zoom: Completed homework must be sent to the teacher before Zoom lesson starts.)

3. Conduct & Participation

Reward Points will be rewarded if you behave well in class and participate actively during discussions

4. ADA/school exam results

AL1 – 10 RP

AL2 – 8 RP

AL3 – 6 RP

AL4 – 4RP

AL5 – 2RP

AL6 – 1RP

A1 – 10 RP

A2 – 8 RP

B3 – 6 RP

B4 – 4RP

C5 – 2RP

C6 – 1RP

You need to inform your teacher of your school exam results with proof of your result slip or exam paper.

If you fail the ADA quiz, you must
retake the same paper and you will
still be awarded some Reward Points if you show improvement.

5. Book Review

Up to 5 RP will be rewarded for each English book review.