Study Gym

A place for students who want to get good grades

Do you know how much time your child is spending at home learning while you are out at work?

Study Gym is a concept that inspires students to challenge themselves to instill discipline in consistent learning and thus making sure that they portion out some time to study.

What is a Study Gym?

It is a place whereby students can come and finish up their daily homework, revisit what they have learnt in school and reflect on what they have done well or could have done better.

It is like a gym for the brain. Through consistent effort, it is easy to conquer PSLE and O level syllabus.

Young attractive asian girl or student working on thesis assignment or studying online in self

Benefits of a Study gym

Conducive environment that motivates you to study

Help you gain control over your distractors

Tutors are available at certain timings to give you guidance

Groups of like-minded students to mutually inspire one another

Free B&W printing*


Computers are available for use

Snacks approved!

Heart-to-heart talks available

Parents can rest assured that their children are studying in a safe place.

Practise Revisit and Reflect strategy regularly

Opens Daily

Weekdays | 1pm to 9pm
Weekends | 9.30am to 5pm
Public Holidays | Closed

Our Rates

Daily Pass = $18/day

6-Monthly = $870

Monthly = $180

Yearly = $1,600

Quarterly = $490

6-Monthly = $870

Yearly = $1,600

ADA student = Add. 10% off

Frequently Asked Questions


Directions From Bukit Batok MRT

Take bus 173 from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and drop at Bus Stop B43169, opposite Bukit Batok East Community Club. This is the nearest bus stop in terms of walking distance but the bus ride will be longer (5 bus stops away)

Take bus 61, 77, 106, 852 or 990 from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and drop at Bus Stop B43189, opposite Keming Primary School. You will need to walk about 200m to reach us, but the bus ride will be shorter (2 bus stops away).

Limited Slots Available

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