About Victoria Tan

Victoria has been in the education line for more than 18 years. She started out as an English teacher to foreign students after graduating with a BA in English from the UK. Her frustration from lack of adequate teaching materials then prompted her to write and publish her own book- Absolute English Grammar for both speaking and non-speaking English students to help them achieve their desired standards in mastering the language.

Her driven passion in writing curriculum and presentation then led her to join one of the biggest preschool brands in Singapore. She became a Project Manager, creating content for preschools to primary level with curriculum specialists, and working with the sales and marketing team for this important department for the company.

Starting up The PinkSchoolBus is an extension of her love for education and content. She believes firmly in inculcating the love for learning in our children and to nourish their curiosity and creativity.

Today, The PinkSchoolBus has one of the most variety of themes in holiday camps, enrichment workshops and programmes for ages 18 months to 12 years olds.

About The PinkSchoolBus

The PinkSchoolBus is an enrichment provider of quality holiday camps, enrichment programmes and playdates for the 18 months to 12 year olds. We have a dedicated team who loves children and our core of pursuit is to ensure that every child not only has an enjoyable time but also be equipped with basic knowledge of the themes and subject matter of every interaction.
Our enrichment classes and holiday camps are designed with robust activities that are fun, interactive, engaging and educational. From our camps and enrichment classes, children take home with them, a well-rounded and holistic educational journey into our various themes.

About SMART Preparatory Programme for 18 months to 2.5 years olds

The Preparatory SMART class for 18 months to 2.5 years old is built with 5 essential components – Sensory, Movement, Aesthetic, Reading and Thematic equip its learner with the purposeful play, reading through stories and interesting themes.
1. Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.

2. Activities such as picking, pinching, stamping, promote wrist control are motor skills and movement that will aid in writing and penmanship as children grow older.

3. Appreciating beauty is aesthetics. It can stimulate children’s senses in the form of art, movement with English songs and stories.

4. Reading or being read to, is important to develop children’s early literacy skills, such as the ability to listen to and understand words. It also helps them go on to read successfully later in childhood.

5. Thematic activities and learning engage children effectively in providing for all the core subjects to be taught in an engaging and effective way. It helps them make connections to transfer knowledge, they learn and apply it in meaningful ways.

About Character Phonics for 4 to 6 years olds

Character Phonics is the only programme that teaches the power of language and character growth. Through specially crafted phonics curriculum, curated stories that teach moral values and learning through applied scenarios, this programme is the perfect embodiment of brain and hear.

About English Whizz Kids for 6 to 8 years olds

A one of its kind specially crater curriculum packed with:
– visuals, hands-on,
– interactive activities and
– creative exercises

This programme is a notch away from the traditional methods of worksheets and rote learning. Hands-on activities help to hone fine motor skills, promotes trial and error practices which improves critical thinking skills. Students can focus better and have longer attention span. Our students retain more information, are able to focus better and enjoy learning.

About Little Explorer Science for 5 to 7 years olds

Science enables us to know more about our surroundings and creates that link that our young can establish to the world around them. Our Little Explorer Science Programme is created to build the important skills of tactile, visual and audio learning, observation, exploration, reading, hands-on and creativity.

Through experiments, they also learn to form their own opinions and be encouraged to speak up and learn through and with their own problem solving skills acquired along the way.

Each lesson is packed with notes, experiments and hands-on activities to nurture the love and curiosity for science.

Our topics include,
– Kitchen chemistry
– Sink and Float
– Balancing act
– Air and Wind and more!

About Champion Mindset for 5 to 8 years old

A champion mindset instills confidence, resilience, having emotional intelligence and a belief in one’s abilities from an early age. This workshop aims to empower our kids and to help them navigate challenges, which will foster a tenacious spirit that’s crucial in facing life’s ups and downs.

This workshop runs in February, April, May, July, August and October. Each topic such as “Feelings are Friends”, “I can have a positive attitude” is carefully curated and crafted with
– hands-on activities stories
– role-playing
– goal-setting elements and
– applications

Kids with mental strength today are stronger for a brighter, more resilient tomorrow!




Directions From Bukit Batok MRT

Take bus 173 from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and drop at Bus Stop B43169, opposite Bukit Batok East Community Club. This is the nearest bus stop in terms of walking distance but the bus ride will be longer (5 bus stops away)

Take bus 61, 77, 106, 852 or 990 from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and drop at Bus Stop B43189, opposite Keming Primary School. You will need to walk about 200m to reach us, but the bus ride will be shorter (2 bus stops away).

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